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Magic Of Weight Loss With Human Growth Hormone

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Pea sized organ present just at the base of our brain is known as pituitary gland. This gland itself consists of 3 lobes.

The anterior lobe

The intermediate lobe

The posterior lobe

Function of human growth hormone

Each lobe of pituitary gland secretes certain hormones. The anterior lobe secretes a protein based peptide hormone know as Growth hormone. It stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration. It helps to activate the metabolism of the body and also boosts muscle density. The increasing height of the body in childhood and adolescence is mainly the effect of this growth hormone. Along with this it also stimulates the liver to secrete IGF -1.

Function of Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1)

This Insulin Growth Factor - 1 hormone prevents insulin from transporting glucose to cells. Usually when we intake food, pancreas secretes insulin to convert carbohydrates into glucose. This glucose is stored in fat cells. Whenever body requires energy, it uses the glucose stored in fat cells.

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How IGF-1 helps in weight loss?

When IGF-1 prevents the storage of glucose in fat cells, body is forced to burn fat for energy. This results in weight loss. Intensive clinical research on this subject has coined a new way of treatment for weight loss with human growth hormone.

As the persons age increases, the level of human growth hormone decreases. As the person is around 40, his level of growth hormone decreases by 40% and by 60 years it is only 20 % of the level secreted during puberty. Therefore, as the person’s age increases it becomes difficult to keep waistline in check. Weight loss with human growth hormone promises weight loss with no effort, no dieting and no exercise.

Weight loss with Human growth hormone treatment

Obesity is related with reduced levels of human growth hormone. Recent clinical studies have revealed many benefits regarding weight loss with human growth hormone treatment. Inducing human growth hormone into the body not only helps to reduce body weight but also reverses the effects of aging, boosts physical and mental health, giving over all energetic and youthful life.

Weight loss with human growth hormone therapy for the people over 40, raises the levels of IGF-1, resulting in enhanced sensitivity of insulin, body fat reduction, and improved muscle mass, skin and bone mass.

Bio-synthetic human growth hormone is also referred as Somatropin and Recombinant growth hormone. Weight loss with human growth hormone fits perfectly into current society’s dream of magic cures, without or less effort. To get all these one needs to shell out huge amount of money to an anti-aging therapist.


It is not wise to recommend relying on expensive and potentially unsafe injections to get the benefits of weight loss with human growth hormone. Still the long term effects of growth hormone injections are not known. At any age, after rigorous anaerobic exercise body will produce human growth hormone enabling one to safety and cheaply drop off body fat and increase muscle mass.

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