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Information About Human Growth Hormone Weight Loss

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Gone are the days of a teenager when you could eat pizzas, hamburgers and French fries not giving a thought about your weight. The action of the growth hormone that kept your waistline in check. The problem of weight management starts when the voracious eating pattern continues but amount of human growth hormone decreases.

Then your experiment with the weight loss programs begins. If you are searching for a weight loss program which helps you to loose your fat not the muscle weight, here is the answer. That is human growth hormone weight loss.

Knowing about the human growth hormone

Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone produced by the pituitary glands in the human body. Quantity of the hormone decreases as the age advances. As we reach the age of 40 years, the levels of human growth hormone decreases by 60% and by 60 years it is only 20% of what it was in our teenage years. Therefore it becomes very difficult to hide the symptoms of aging.

How the human growth hormone weight loss is achieved?

The human growth hormone products helps to raise the growth hormone levels to youth like level in individuals body facilitating weight loss. The growth hormone stimulates the liver to secrete IGF-1 hormone. IGF-1 prevents the transfer of glucose to cells.

Insulin is a pancreatic hormone which is released in response to glucose in the blood stream. It regulates blood sugar levels.

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As we eat something our pancreas secretes proper amount of insulin for breaking down the carbohydrates into glucose. Then the body stores glucose for later use in the fat cells. The IGF-1 avoids insulin from storing glucose in the cells. This forces our body to burn fat instead of glucose for the required energy.

As these growth hormones forces our body to burn fat for energy generation, automatically body losses fat during our inactive periods. Energy is required for every aspect of living. This makes our body to burn up fat even when we are sleeping. This lets you eat large amounts of food without worrying about weight gain.

Benefits of human growth hormone weight loss

The increased metabolism and energy levels are one of the beneficial effects of human growth hormone weight loss. Weight loss is followed with increased metabolism. It helps

to loose weight without exercise to which many people are allergic.

Human growth hormone promotes healthy weight gain, increased strength and promotes weight loss.

Risks associated with human growth hormone weight loss

The risks and potential side effects of using human growth hormone weight loss are not known. And experts warn that HGH is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for weight loss. Further, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has warned that the use of human growth hormone for obese patients is not recommended. Until more research can demonstrate the long-term safety and effectiveness of using human growth hormone for weight loss, it's wise to avoid it.

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