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Human Growth Hormone Supplements

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Top Human Growth Hormones
HGHs Comparison Table


The desire and need of the man to remain fit and to have a charming and attracting personality, the traits required to be on top, have managed to bring the benefits of human growth hormone related issues to the forefront. People seek information from friends and experts about their efficacy, availability etc. 

The growing awareness of people about the human growth hormone, have prompted different companies to have their pound of flesh in this industry. They come up with different forms of products claiming to be better than the other’s.

In this scenario, a thorough knowledge about the human growth hormones, their forms, their availability and market along with the cost is of paramount importance. 

The benefits of the human growth hormones can be summarised as follows:

  • Radiant, thicker and wrinkle free skin

  • Higher energy level to go through the daily work load with ease

  • Stronger bone that might have less chance to get fractured easily

  • Faster and easier repair of damaged cells and tissues. This hastens up the healing of injuries

  • A more fighting immune system

  • A vibrant sexual function

  • A healthier cardiac condition with lowering of blood pressure

  • Gain of more body muscles 

  • Retardation in the rate of atrophy developing in the important body organs like brain, heart, liver, spleen, kidneys etc. 

  • Attainment of sharper vision

  • Enhancement in the retentive capacity of the memory. Lessening of disorientation with regard to space and time of the people with advanced age

  • Elimination of cellulite from the body

  • To be free form depression and be healthy not only physically but also mentally

  • Improvement in the cholesterol profile of the body

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Available options of human growth hormones

The human growth hormones comes in the following forms:

  • Human growth hormone injections

  • Human growth hormone oral spray

  • The herbal supplements to boost the human growth hormone in the body naturally

The suitability of the method for human growth hormones method is to be decided upon taking into account the body structure of the individual, his age and his habits. The need of the person should be the criteria as to whether it is done for gaining high amount of muscle or for getting a radiant and wrinkle free skin.

These things should be taken into consideration before going for the human growth hormones. 

Advantage and disadvantages of each human growth hormone method

  • Human growth hormone injections – They are effective. The drawbacks are the exorbitant cost, as it has to be administered 20to 30 times in a day, needs a prescription and has side effects.

  • Human growth hormone oral spray – It is generally used by the athletes and weight lifters. Reportedly they are not much effective.

  • Herbal supplements – Although still the research is inconclusive regarding effectiveness, it is being adopted by many people. It is being taken orally as pills. Many experts believe it to be the safest of all the human growth hormone methods. 

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