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Human Growth Hormone Scams

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The human growth hormone has become very popular in the present day society. More and more people are going for it to improve their quality of life. People are taking the help of human growth hormone for getting taller, having a wrinkle free skin, regaining vitality of the body, treating degenerative diseases, and also memory problems.

The people’s acceptance of the human growth hormone, has taken up to such a big proportion that it has now become a virtual industry. Hence, many companies clamouring to make a profit out of it have thrown their hat in the ring.

The promotional campaign and the advertisements are being done with so much gusto, that many people are becoming sceptical about it to describe it as scams. 

But what is important is to be well enlightened about the whole gamut of issues related like efficacy and precautions of human growth hormones to take the correct decisions with regard to the different products available in the market without being carried away. 

Let’s discuss the different human growth hormone products available in the market. 

Human growth hormone injections: - These products are sensitive to shaking and heat. Hence they cannot be delivered though the postal couriers and hence through the internet. It has to be remained at very low temperature all the time lest its chemical balance would be disturbed. Its expiry period is only 20 days. 

Human growth hormone pills and sprays: - It can only be isolated from human genes. Unfortunately, there is no other source either plant or animal from where it can be got. It can only be purchased with the prescription and can only be beneficial when administered in the recommended pharmaceutical grade.

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It is not possible get it absorbed through the mouth although many companies claim that it can be absorbed through nasal spray and oral pills. Their legal as well as medical implications should be studied in detail before going for them. 

Human growth hormone releasers: - Various types of human growth hormone releasers are available in the market at present. They do not need any prescription. Some even push them in the market as form herbal product. Most of them are composed of amino acids like L-arginine in large quantity.

The level of human growth hormone is immediately increased through this but only for a short time. After its effects recede the body goes to it old self. Hence the effects get minimised. Then, its effect is considerably reduced in old people.

Human growth hormone releasers, being non-specific also facilitate the release of adrenal cortisone, which while giving short term health and vitality, is harmful in the long run. Reportedly some of these products contain raw body parts of animals like the brain as they are thought to be the source of releasing human growth hormones. 

Recombinant human growth hormone: - It is very expensive and there is a vast black market of it. So, one has to be very careful while buying it. 

These are things that one should be careful about while selecting the human growth hormones and also be aware of the reputation of the brand available in the market. 

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