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Human Growth Hormone And Height

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Are you wary of your short stature? Do you worry how your child is going to do in sports? He is so short!

These are the questions many people face in life. Cursed with a height that at times compels people to crane the neck up to look straight into the eye of others, they go for ways and means to gain those inches. Hanging from the bars, doing those stretch ups tirelessly but to no avail. Invariably, attaining a good height still remains in the zone of ‘wishful thinking’ for them. 

To those people with such handicaps, the human growth hormone booster has thrown up some hope. 

Studies show that height to a great extent is hereditary. Most short statured persons in the world have short parents as well. So, until recently it was believed that nothing much can be done about it. But, with the advent of the human growth hormones, it has been possible to gain height, body even though one might be genetically short. 

Human growth hormone and height

The human growth hormone is responsible for the development of all the body parts. This hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland located in the central part of the brain. So, to achieve increased growth, more of the human growth hormone is to be made available to the body.

In order to increase the height the growth of the spinal column and that of the articular cartilages needs to be accentuated. For this, it is necessary that the level of human growth hormone in the body should be increased. 

The human growth hormone is more in the young people than that in the older people. Hence, they have a higher rate of growth. So, growth in the body can by be triggered by increasing the level of it in the body,. This is the fundamental way in which the human growth hormone helps to gain height. 

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The length of the spinal chord plays a significant role in determining the height of every person. Although the bones in the lower segment vertebrae gets fused after a particular age, the rest of the vertebrae and the cartilage pads in between the vertebrae do not get fused.

Hence they can grow and become thick with the help of human growth hormone and this will lead to the overall growth of the spinal chord and also the height of the body as well. Apart form the cartilage pads, the articular cartilages in the body can also be grow to some extent. 

Recent study shows that monitoring and changing the dosage of human growth hormone in children increase their height remarkably. 

Benefit of stretching exercises

However easy and positive, it may be in attaining the height through the administration human growth hormone, the value and benefit of stretching exercise cannot be overlooked. To achieve the optimal height, the stretching exercises needs to be done in conjunction with the human growth hormone, to invigorate the bones to make them more amenable for growth. 

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