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Growth Hormones

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Growth Hormones are responsible for the development function of the entire body.

Growth Hormones are peptide hormones which encourages growth and cell regeneration in both humans and animals.

Growth hormones consist of 191-amino acid, sole chain of polypeptide hormone that is amalgamated, stored and released by somatotroph cells inside the lateral wings of the pituitary gland. 

Somatotrophin pertains to the growth hormones generated in animals. The word somatropin pertains to growth hormones generated through recombinant DNA technology. Growth hormones have a wide range of responsibilities throughout the body.

The most evident is the rapid height increase during childhood, and there are various diseases that can be cured using growth hormones therapy. 

Growth hormones which are released by the pituitary gland are functional for the body. Although there is a balance in the release of growth hormones, the process is affected by several physiological stimulators. There are also inhibitors of growth hormones secretion and these are the free fatty acids. 

Stimulators of growth hormones secretion are:

  • Sleep

  • Exercise

  • low blood sugar levels

  • dietary protein

  • heightened androgen generation

  • arginine

Inhibitors of growth hormones secretion are:

  • somatostatin

  • hyperglycemia

  • glucocorticoids

  • estradiol

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There are essential effects of growth hormones to the tissues throughout the body. This is generally pertained to as anabolic. People with short physique grow taller. Similar to other protein hormones, GH functions by cooperating with a particular receptor on the cell’s surface.

The commonly known attributes of GH is to increase the height of a person during childhood. Moreover, it doesn’t only involve in increasing the height of a person but also does other positive things like:

  • Improving the calcium retention 

  • Strengthens the bone mineralization 

  • Encourages lipolysis

  • Enhances protein synthesis

  • Encourages the growth of the entire internal organs such as the brain

  • Responsible in fuel homeostasis

  • Strengthens the immune system

The excess GH can cause pituitary tumor which contains somatotroph cells. These somatotroph cells are benign and develop gradually and generating more and more of GH. When these cells grow bigger it can cause headaches, damaged vision by giving pressure to the optic nerves, deficiency of pituitary hormones.

Excess GH can lead to thickening of the jaw bones, toes and fingers. Other problems can comprise of pressure on nerves, muscle weakness, type-2 diabetes, and lessened sexual function.

The GH deficiency differs on age from which they happened. Among children, the evident manifestations of this deficiency are the growth failure as well as the short physique. This will also result to delayed sexual maturity.

In adults, the deficiency is often rare. GH treatment may heighten the possibility of acquiring diabetes, particularly with the ones who are having treatment at higher dosages. There is a recent survey among adults that shown adults who have undergone replacement cadaver GH during childhood have a gentle increase occurrence of colon cancer.

Treatment using external GH is merely indicated in restricted instances. This would also require regular monitoring because of regularity and harshness of side effects.

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