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Growth Hormone Deficiency And Insulin Sensitivity

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The human body is dependent on the right balance of the several hormones that are produced naturally. Hormonal imbalances are usually to blame for several health problems that men have to deal with – and this includes sexual health issues. As such, it is advisable that we have sufficient knowledge of these hormones and the varying roles they play.

If you are trying to understand the role of hormones as far as ensuring good health is concerned, don’t forget to learn about how the different hormones interact and the consequences of the said interactions.

In this post, we put our focus on growth hormone and insulin. Note that these two types of hormones are fundamental to the functioning of the body. The good news is; growth hormone and insulin are great friends. Unfortunately, a crisis arises when the human growth hormone is deficient as it adversely impacts insulin sensitivity. Let’s delve deeper into this issue.

Growth hormone and insulin appear to play what one would describe as antagonistic roles against each other. When growth hormone is high, insulin is usually low and vice versa. However, do not let this little piece of information misguide you. Do not for a moment think that the two hormones play contradicting roles.

Note that they are both responsible for various growths in the body. As such, it makes more sense to consider their synergistic effect than looking at each singlehandedly. There is a need to find a balance so that insulin maintains its potential to pull nutrients into cells, and at the same time, allow growth hormone to perform its crucial role of eliciting skeletal, muscular and neurological growth.

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Insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance

Insulin sensitivity differs between individuals. When a person is said to be insulin sensitive, it means that he or she requires less insulin to keep blood sugar levels in check. On the other hand, individuals who are insulin resistance require significantly high levels of insulin to maintain their blood sugar levels.

Among the earliest signs that diabetics show is insulin resistance. Insulin insensitivity raises blood sugar levels leading to cellular damage. Unfortunately having diabetes exposes you to other dangerous conditions such as kidney failure, hypertension, and cardiac disease.

Thankfully, there are natural ways of increasing insulin sensitivity such as engaging in regular physical exercises and consuming foods with high fiber content. Also, make sure that you are obtaining enough rest and sleep and devise simple and practical ways of handling your stress levels.

Unfortunately HGH deficiency and insulin resistance almost always stick together. The scientists are yet to confirm the relationship between hypopituitarism (a situation where the pituitary is incapable of producing enough GH) and insulin resistance.

However, they have confirmed that the administration of human growth hormone has a direct impact on both fasting blood glucose as well as insulin sensitivity. When blood sugars are out of check, HGH secretion suffers. On the same note, low insulin levels may hinder the proper functioning of HGH.

What does this therefore mean? The secret lies in finding the right balance. As far as ensuring insulin sensitivity is concerned, tips have been offered here which include eating right, exercising on a regular basis, managing stress levels efficiently and ensuring that one gets a good night sleep.

In the case of HGH deficiency, your doctor will recommend the best over the counter drugs or supplements. If he or she suspects that you have low levels of growth hormone, a test will be conducted to confirm it. Note that HGH replacement therapy must not be done without the direction and supervision of a medical practitioner.

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