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Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy For Arthritis Treatment

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It is sad that a sizeable proportion of the world population suffers every other day with varying forms of arthritis and the associated pain, immobility, weakness, and the general health deterioration.

Unfortunately, these problems expose the sufferer to more traumatizing challenges such as weight gain, decreased energy, muscle mass, poor cardiac health, weak immune system and depression among many other health issues. The quality of their lives suffers tremendously because the body cannot perform optimally.

Another sad reality is that patients with arthritis are forced to deal with unending medical expenses to manage their pains and other discomforts associated with arthritis. If you have not tried human growth hormone replacement therapy for arthritis, perhaps it is something worth considering.

For quite some time, HGH has been used for an array of biological support mainly because of its ability to not only protect but also encourage the naturally-occurring body processes. For instance, dieters and athletes utilize HGH to manage back pain, to increase endurance and also promote muscle growth. HGH is also relied upon to trigger the release of healthy levels of oxidation throughout the body and more so to the muscles and vital body organs.

Relationship between HGH replacement therapy and arthritis

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If you have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, you would want to stick around until the end of this article.

The body generates HGH in the pituitary gland in different quantities according to one's age. During the teen years, one has more of this hormone in the system, and the peak is during puberty after which it starts to slow down. The cells of the human body are usually in dire need of human growth hormone for them to function appropriately and also protect the body against health issues related to aging such as arthritis.

This is because it facilitates the production of somatomedin C, popularly known as Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). A protein, IGF-1 heals damaged and dying cells and is also useful in the development of new ones. HGH also leads to an increased bone mineral density which is essential for stronger and healthier joints as well as ligaments.

Arthritis usually affects the hips and knee joints and the hands. While this condition can be managed using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, they may fail to work at times and in turn offering just a short-term solution.

They do incredibly well at minimizing discomfort, but the problem is; they do not alleviate the underlying problem. Similarly, pain relievers cannot be entirely relied upon - they only cause short relief. Painkillers cannot regenerate the cartilage tissue that is crucial to ensuring supple and flexible joints.

In this case, therefore, the most appropriate treatment is the administration of human growth hormone. This can be done either via daily supplements or injections. In instances where the arthritis is severe, administration of HGH should be done through direct injection into the joint every one or two weeks.

The approach allows bone cells to convert into cartilage cells - a process referred to as Morph angiogenesis. Medical experts recommend the use of this treatment when no other type of treatment is ongoing. The fact that human growth hormone enhances both joint activity and versatility and has the potential to reduce pains by decreasing stiffness is undeniable. That is why HGH replacement therapy is a reliable treatment option for rheumatoid arthritis.

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