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How To Choose Proper HGH Dosage?

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Human growth hormone is associated with many exceptional benefits. Besides increasing muscle mass and bone density, GH is also known to boost moods, helps in the treatment of sexual disorders (such as ED, low libido and generally poor performance in the bedroom) and also promotes faster weight loss (when a person has abdominal or visceral obesity).

As a person ages, the levels of human growth hormone being produced in the body begin to take a dip. Decreased supply of this critical hormone leads to poor reproductive and sexual health as well as problems with muscle mass and bone density. Thankfully, hormone replacement therapy is available to men who suffer deficiencies that lead to these and more problems.

The big question is; what is the right dosage? How do I go about choosing proper HGH dosage? Below are effective tips:

HGH dosage

While human growth hormone delivers same effects in whatever dosage, the intensity is usually dependent on the quantity of HGH taken. Here are the different dosages depending on the purpose;

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  • 2-3 IUs this is the right dosage for individuals looking to decelerate aging and also enhance their joints, bone, and skin
  • 4-8IUs if you desire to get rid of substantial fat and build lean muscle mass, consume this amount of human growth hormone
  • 8-15IUs this dosage works excellently for people looking for nice muscle gains. It will give you that vascular body.

Note that the above figures are purely based on estimates. Ultimately, the effectiveness of the dosage you choose will depend on among other factors, your diet as well as training (especially in the case of muscle mass, bone density, and weight loss).

If by any means, you use the growth hormone for the first time (if you are into bodybuilding) and your body becomes weak, it is a sign that you need a lower dosage than the one you are taking. On the other hand, men with extensive experience with HGH may use higher dosages up to 10 IUs. Note that only professional athletes are in need of higher quantities.

At times, it is imperative for users of HGH treatment to divide their daily dosages for the following reasons;

  • It is easier to control the side effects of human growth hormone. Some of the common side effects of GH include fluid retention and carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • Two injections per day give the user a smooth level of growth hormone. This way, the power of the HGH to burn fat and cause muscle growth increases.
  • Our bodies adjust differently to hormone replacement therapies. At times, the liver of the user may lack enough potential to convert massive amounts of human growth hormone into IGF-1. During the day, the human body is adjusted to HGH peaks of between 5 and 7 as opposed to one huge peak. If you are one of these people, it means that your liver may fail to convert all the growth hormones in the bloodstream to somatomedins. The remaining one gets destroyed. You do not want this to happen. It is imperative that the whole GH amount is used up as expected.
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