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HGH Improves Sleep

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Never underestimate the benefits of a good night sleep. It comes in handy as far as boosting your performance in several areas of life is concerned. For instance, a person who sleeps well at night performs better at work compared to someone who deals with insomnia most of the nights. Good sleep also translates to better moods and improved general health. The absence of quality sleep may result in problems such as low sex drive, stress, anxiety, general fatigue, poor concentration or memory, and irritability.

As such, we should pursue healthy ways of improving our sleep to reap the associated benefits. One way of accomplishing this is to use HGH. It is a substance that controls the growth of the body. Natural production of HGH takes place in the pituitary gland. However, as you advance in age, HGH production takes a dip, and this is why some people resort to synthetic HGH. It is available in the form of injections, sprays as well as supplements.

Now, what does HGH has to do with your sleep or the lack of it thereof?

A research study conducted in the mid-1990s by a group of Swedish researchers confirmed that HGH replacement therapy helps to enhance the user’s quality of life, as well as sleep. According to findings, HGH functions almost in the same way as antidepressants. It works by raising the level of a neurotransmitter known as B-Endorphin in the body.

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The researchers also discovered that human growth hormone minimizes dopamine levels. A neurotransmitter, dopamine is a chemical substance that sends messages between the brain and the various body nerve cells. Excessive amounts of dopamine are known to cause agitation and aggression. As such, an individual with high dopamine levels may find it difficult to fall or stay asleep. Human growth hormone significantly reduces stress levels, allows improved concentration and also helps to alleviate self-confidence. When you are freed from stress, you are likely to sleep much better.

Another study conducted at the University of Chicago by a group of researchers, headed by Professor Eve Van Cauter also came up with an interesting relationship between sleep disorder and HGH. The research, which was published in the AMA Journal on August 16, 2000, discovered a correlation between sleep disorders and the lack HGH in the participants. The study involved 149 male participants aged between 16 and 83.

In the study cited in the previous paragraph, researchers made interesting observations. The ability of the body to produce HGH reduces as a person ages – explaining why a good number of aged people complain of insomnia. As such, among other factors, the decelerated level of HGH production in the body (decreased level of production) could be to blame for lack of sleep.

Before undergoing any HGH replacement therapy – whether supplements, sprays or injections, you are advised to speak with your doctor. He or she will first establish whether you need one, and most importantly, recommend the most appropriate product depending on the history and current status of your health. Note that HGH products have their advantages and disadvantages. Having this conversation with your doctor will go a long way in helping you get it right from the word go.

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