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Myths And Facts About Human Growth Hormone

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A potent anabolic hormone, HGH was first discovered in 1956, but it was first given attention in 1972. The production of human growth hormone takes place in the pituitary gland in the brain. The naturally-occurring hormone in the human body stimulates the growth of muscle, bone, and cartilage.

Its other roles include the development of the stature in humans, producing muscle volume, enhancing body’s ability to retain calcium, keeping bones healthy, controlling and checking sugar and insulin levels, losing weight and also helps in other activities that are necessary for the growth of the human body.

Here are the common myths and facts of Human Growth Hormone products:-

Use of HGH supplement is entirely risk-free. The truth is you cannot use HGH anyhow. You must use HGH for the right purpose and use the doses as instructed. For instance, a friend can refer you to use HGH injection. However, you should not use it without seeking advice from a qualified Doctor or other experts in the field.

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Some people claim that HGH replacement therapy has the potential to extend the users’ lifespan by up to 20 years. If only this were true! Unfortunately, no conclusive data supports this claim. As such, as at now, we don’t have much choice but to live with speculations.

Any level of HGH dosage is okay and free of negative side effects. Do not be lured into this kind of trap capable of putting you into problems that you could have avoided. Taking excess doses of HGH supplements, sprays or injections comes with a couple of side effects. Particularly, it may worsen the situation for consumers suffering from diabetes and cancers. People with cancer should not undergo HGH replacement therapy as it is said to accelerate the growth and multiplication of the cancer cells.

All the commercially available HGH products have been put through clinical tests. This is not true. It will be unwise of anyone to blindly trust all the 100 plus HGH products on the market since not all of them have been clinically tested. Be wary of the brands that fail to report on any IGF-1 clinical testing – its safety and genuineness are undoubtedly questionable.

The claim that all HGH has received the approval of Food and Drug Administration is a myth that must be debunked. The only FDA approved HGH are the prescriptions one.

That HGH works perfectly on its own is not exactly true. First things first; protein synthesis delivers a substantial increase in lean body mass. On the other hand, IGF-1 is known to increase protein synthesis – although the outcome is dependent on the presence of HGH. The most notable thing and one we must appreciate is that together, HGH and IGF-1 leads to significant increase in protein synthesis.

Lastly, just because a product is labeled HGH, it does not automatically qualify to be one. Note that there are a good number of products in the market bearing the acronym but are not HGH. Apparently, most of them don’t even have a tinge of HGH. Exercise utmost caution when shopping for an HGH product.

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