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Things You Should Know About The Hormone Diet Plan

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You might have a lot about different types of diet or supplement food that is available in the market. After spending hours on researching about the details about the product there are chances that you might feel that it is no good.

Despite of this fact there are some people who try it because some of their friends suggested them to do so. At end they realize that the product is a fake and you have wrongly invested your money. However you can choose a hormone diet that can take care of this problem.

The hormone diet plan is not just any other diet. It provides you with enough energy that is required to lead a healthy and active life. Along with diet you can follow an exercise regime that will keep you active. The good about this diet is that it is suitable for both the genders.

Exercise like yoga, cardio and resistance training for 6 days will provide you with enough energy. On the seventh day you can choose to do any activity that you have an interest in like bicycling, hiking, trekking, etc.

What the diet is

The hormone diet plan is a six weeks course of dieting and exercising that will not only help you to lose your weight, but will also keep you young. The first two weeks of the diet can be a bit tough as you need to change or stop eating food that causes hormonal imbalance.

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This will help you get rid of the bloating and will keep you energetic throughout. Within first few weeks you could see the results on your health. It will stabilize your hormones, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and blood sugar. You will also experience good sleep, which is a must to lead a good life.

This diet mostly consists of Mediterranean food. This does not have any processed food or chemicals or synthetic substances in them. Even though the diet is supposed to be only for about six weeks, you can continue consuming them for life long. This will keep strong and bless you with good health.

The food

It is not recommended to eat food like red meat, corn, gluten, dairy products, and oils like avocado and extra virgin olive oil, citrus fruits, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, peanuts, and synthetic stabilizers.

However you can eat food like vegetables, fruits other than the citrus ones, and grain and grain products that don’t contain gluten, seeds and nuts, fish, lean meat.

An example of the diet routine

  • Breakfast- Fresh fruit juice
  • Lunch - cooked or un-cooked vegetables and lean meat
  • Mid-day lunch – ricotta cheese of goat milk or some sort of protein bar
  • Dinner/supper – lean meat and vegetables or fish

What it does

You can easily get rid of the stress and problems related to mood swing. It is necessary that you follow the right diet chart, which is recommended by the dietician. At the end of course, you will surely see the difference in your body.

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