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Increased Risk Of Cancer Due To Growth Hormone

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Increase in the production of hormones by the body cells can enhance the risk of cancer, especially if the growth is faster. The cells grow at a faster rate and then get divided quickly. Human growth hormone (HGH) is the most abundant hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland, which is the hormone production centre in the brain. Secretion of growth hormone starts in early life and reaches at peaks during puberty.

Synthesis of HCG:

HCG induces a cascade of cellular signaling by binding to cellular receptors. HCG stimulates the bone growth, metabolism of fats, stimulates protein synthesis and opposes the action of insulin. Under secretion of HCG can lead to the growth failure and children with these problems are administered recombinant HCG called somatropin.

There are lots of people who are administered with HCG to fight ageing problem, but the risk of death was reported to be amplified when higher than recommended dose was administered.

Risk of Tumor Occurrence:

However newer treatment strategies have decreased the mortality rates substantially. However the risk of developing a variety of late complications is directly attributable to their previous cancer treatment.

Brain tumor is a common cause of death among the patient who is treated with GH. As per the experts, the research shows that recurrence rated are greater after this treatment than the untreated patients.

GH can influence the regulation of cellular growth via its mediator peptide IGF-1. IGF-1 may affect the growth of neoplastic tissue and extensive studies shows that there is a link between GH and IGF-1 and cancer risk.

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Patients who are suffering with acromegaly, caused due to under secreation of GH, indicate the risk of colorectal cancer. Experimental evidences shows that GH/IGF-1 provides an antiapoptotic environment that favors the survival of genetically damaged cells.

High level of IGF-1 enhances the risk of prostate, breast and bowel cancer. Many scientists are studying the links between IGF and cancer, but the results are still unclear.

How to Reduce the Chances of Cancer?

Mortality rate increases because of the growth hormone mostly due to cardiovascular events, bone tumors, and bleeding into the brain. It is reported that the risk of death is amplified when higher dosage is injected.

This is the reason why the HCG dose is not recommended without doctor’s diagnosis. In this case the benefits are likely to outweigh the risks. If you are interested to know about hormonal can affect your body and what are the signs of hormone deficiency then you can seek an appointment with the endocrinologist to evaluate and discuss the issues.

Hormone replacement therapy and cancer:

Different types of HRT may cause cancer:

Breast Cancer:

All types of HRT enhance the risk of cancer but combined HRT has serous affects on human body. Women using the HRT for more than 10 years are prone to the risk of breast cancer and the chances are more than ten times.

Other Cancer:

HRT with oestrogen can increase the risk of womb cancer and possibly ovarian cancer. If a woman continues with HRT for more than 5 years, than risk there is more chance of getting infected by the womb cancer. Combined HRT don’t have any effect on any of these cancers and may even reduce the chances of overall cancer risk.

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