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Increasing Your Body’s Growth Hormone Naturally

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Top Human Growth Hormones
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Introduction -

Human growth hormone is one of the main hormones in the endocrine system. It is medically known as somatotropin. It is a polypeptide hormone, which is produced by the anterior pituitary. It deals with the body’s weight management, the aging cycle, energy levels and lean muscle mass.

Article body –

Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced naturally by the body. It is a miracle hormone, which helps in losing weight and erasing wrinkles. It is always safe to go by the natural method than the artificial ones. People who are sceptical in taking injections can improve their daily routine to boost the trigger of the “master hormone”

Fitness and exercise –

Human body is like a machine. Therefore, it is essential to follow proper exercise regime and take care of yourself. Being a couch potato will not help in the production of Growth Hormone. Start with a strict anaerobic fitness and training programme.

This is a short term program that mostly includes an intense physical activity and short period of rest. Split your time in strength training and cardio vascular activities. However, do not exercise for more than 90 minutes.

You can involve some aerobic activities as well in between the anaerobic ones. You can go for swimming, cycling, stair –stepping, treadmill running, sit- ups and pull-ups. Consult your gym instructor before you start exercising.

Supplements –

These are different kinds of medicines. They are not synthetically derived hormones. They are chemical substances, which can have a positive impact on the production of somatotropin. Supplement your daily diet by arginine and glutamine.

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Arginine blocks the somatostatin, a growth hormone inhibitor. It is recommended you take 1.5g before your exercise.

Glutamine is an essential amino acid that stimulates and increases the production of growth hormone. You should take this with lots of fluid after 90 minutes of your exercise.

Diet –

Food is an important part of everyone’s daily life. However, most of us consume useless food, which can be harmful. Avoid processed, oily and junk foods. These foods do not contain any nutrients and the preservatives can hamper your hormone production.

Cut down on carbohydrates and sugars. These substances create hyperglycemia, which slows down the GH formation. Do not go for high glycemic foods like white bread, aerated drinks, chocolates, cakes and ice cream. Their glycemic index interferes with the manufacture of GH.

Instead go for lower glycemic foods like oats, whole grain breads, brown rice, barley, wheat bran, fresh fruits, pulses and muesli. It is recommended that you have a protein bar or a protein drink just after your exercise. It should be equivalent to 25g of protein. You can substitute it for lean meat or egg whites.

Sleep and rest –

When you sleep, your body produces most of the growth hormone. In order to get high amounts of growth hormone secretion in your body, have 8 hours of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Switch off all your distractions like television, laptop or cell phone. Have a fixed daily routine everyday and go to the bed regularly at the same time.

Reduce alcohol consumption –

Alcohol interferes with the secretion of the HGH. It also slows down the rate of the mechanism of the supplements. Therefore, you won’t get the desired results. So, avoid alcohol as much as possible.

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