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Fasting Can Affect Hgh Level In Your Body

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People fast for various reasons. There are many benefits associated with it, and thus it is recommended to do it occasionally. When you fast, the unwanted fat and detoxification agents are eliminated from your body. There are people who follow rigorous fasting, where they eat nothing except for water and fresh fruit juice. If you want to get rid of detoxification then herbal tea is also considered to be good.

Now, it is not at all recommended to do rigorous fasting as it can affect your body badly. Also, if you are suffering from serious medical problems like diabetics, cancer, HIV, AIDS, and others then fasting is not at all good for your health at all. If you do that despite knowing the fact, then it can badly affect your body. It is recommended to seek the medical help before you even think of doing so.

Regular fasting can affect your HGH growth, which is quite important for the overall development of your body. There are quite a few, who might not be bothered about it all, while others have a reason to worry about this.

Too much is too bad:

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Fasting indeed helps you and your body, however it is not recommended to overdo it at any point of time. People who fast regularly experience side effects, which can be sometimes serious as well. Your body needs at least 3 days to discontinue with the yearning for food and this duration at no point is good for health.

They might suffer from headaches, muscle pain, lack of concentration power, and other problems. All these are common symptoms of fasting. It can also affect your metabolism growth, and if this trend continues then you might have to face serious health related problem in future.

You might also experience bad breath, your body might stink, and other things, which is caused due to the release of bad toxins from your body. There are chances that you might always feel exhausted and not interested in performing any task, as you could do it earlier. The side effects might vary from one person to the other, and depends upon the intensity you fast with.

As per the research that was conducted by the experts, it was noted that when people fast, the body stops the production of special proteins that is also called as SRT1. If this happens, then your body will start locking the fats and cholesterol level in your body, which is not at all good for your health. Thus before you fast, it is recommended to consider all these factors before you think about fasting.

The other effects of fasting:

Regular fasting will directly affect the human growth hormones. This indirectly will affect your metabolism rate and affect your muscles growth. The issue is more serious with women who fast quite often. Too much of fasting is not good at all for your health, and thus you need to take care of such things even before you do it.

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