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Complete Information About Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

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Human growth hormone deficiency in humans is where body stops producing the growth hormones. Pituitary glands secret this hormone, and it is situated at the ventral brain. Once it stops operating and producing the required amount of growth hormones, patients start experiencing several kinds of impairments and problems. As its name depicts it is the condition of lack of growth of hormones, which means the growth of the person will be stopped in this condition.

Usually, infants and Childs are the major target of this deficiency problem. In some cases adults experienced tiredness and fatigue due to the deficiency of hormone. The major point to know is that what are the factors and causes that lead to this Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.


  • The major cause is deficiency in the production of the HGH
  • Insufficient secretion of the stimulatory hormone from hypothalamus
  • Problems in the receptors that receive growth hormone in cells of the body
  • Lack of the oxygen at time of birth
  • It could be congenital because of any genetic defect
  • Any kind of disease in pituitary gland, liver and brain

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These are the causes that disrupt the production of growth hormone and lead to the human growth hormone deficiency.

Symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

The primary symptom of this deficiency is slow growth of the person. As mentioned earlier children and infants are prone to Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. However, there are some other noticeable symptoms present that could be identified.

  • Underdeveloped muscles and short stature
  • Reduced energy, fatigue, decreased in bone density in adults
  • Dentition is delayed
  • Immature face, means he/she will look younger than their age as compared to their peers
  • Increased frequent urination
  • Sexual development will be hindered in the adolescent phase.
  • Depression in adults
  • Dry and thin skin

When these symptoms start exhibiting, patients must consult with the doctor to have proper treatment regarding the Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. Usually, doctor diagnoses the condition by checking the IGF-1 count in a human body. Once it is conformed that secretion of IGF-1 low than the accepted level, doctor prescribes treatments to cure this problem efficiently.


Usually, doctors use Synthetic growth hormone for children case to improve the hormone level. Moreover, hormone therapy is very necessary for improving the required growth hormone. There are some drugs that doctor prescribe to the patients to restore energy, body composition and metabolism such as somatropin, Genotropin etc.

In some cases radiation therapy to pituitary glands is also be administered by the doctor. It is very vital that patients must contact to the pediatric endocrinologist (expert in studying the hormones) and follow up the instructions. Patient must take care of their health in home by having daily mild exercise and balanced diet including plenty of sleep. By following the systematic process of treatment patient would get rid of this Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. You’ll also find solutions over the internet as well.

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