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Human Growth Hormones Supplements – To Turn Back The Hands Of Time

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Human growth hormone is a protein called Somatropin which consists of 191 amino acids and found in abundance in children and youngsters. It is a natural hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. This hormone controls and stimulates energy level, growth and repair of tissues and cell reproduction and restoration in both human beings and animals. This in fact is the largest hormone produced by the body. It is also considered as the most “vital hormone” as it enhances and regulates many functions of our body. It helps the immune system to withstand diseases and infection. Thus human growth hormone contributes for growth in children and plays a distinctive part in adult metabolism

Secretion of this hormone is at its peak during adolescence and decreases gradually by aging. It is here the need for Human Growth Hormones supplements arises.

Functions of Human Growth Hormone:

The human growth hormone plays a significant role in activating cells and multiplying them. It also enables the body in metabolism of fat. It helps in regulating the blood sugar level within normal limits and contributes to muscle and bone growth resulting in good body weight and height.

Need for Supplements:

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The secretion of this hormone tends to decrease at the age of 30 and substantially drops. This leads to aging, low metabolism, fatigue, weak muscles, diabetes and even depression. Even though reduction in the secretion of this hormone is a natural one there are many Human Growth Hormones supplements available to regain what the progression of age has taken away from us.

Human growth hormones Supplements include energy revivers, releasers, age reversers, and enhancers in the form of oral pills, injections and oral sprays.

Human Growth Hormone Injections: The releaser is a synthetic substance injected into the body. Syringes are used to inject the growth hormone supplement directly into the blood stream. This stimulates the production of this versatile hormone. These injections assure astonishing results as these releasers are directly administered into the blood stream.

Human growth Hormone Sprays: Here human growth hormone sprays are sprayed in the mouth. This method is more convenient and easier to administer.

Human Growth Hormone Pills: This is considered to be the highly effective and dependable Human growth hormones supplements available. This pill is taken before going to bed since the pituitary gland is very active during sleep. These releasers are 100% natural as they are obtained from plants meant to activate the pituitary gland. No synthetic components are used in these products and hence it increases the hormone levels naturally in the body.

In addition to the above there are a few naturally validated methods to induce the secretion of human growth hormone. Maintaining normal sleeping habits will enable to produce more of this hormone. Eating a protein-carbohydrate meal before a work out can increase secretion too. Stretching exercises can also boost the growth hormone. One should eat right, sleep right and minimise stress to enable the pituitary gland to do its work.


Human growth hormone being an essential hormone is considered crucial for the normal growth and development of the body to enable it to execute the vital functions. With proper diet and exercise the results will be more commendable and promising. Ultimately the Human Growth Hormones supplements metamorphose you to look and feel young.

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