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Cause Of Human Growth Hormones Deficiency

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Human growth hormone deficiency is a kind of disorder, which is mainly caused due to improper functioning of the pituitary gland. This gland is being located in the brain and it is mainly responsible for the re-generation of HGH in the human body.

If in any condition this gland does not produce the necessary and enough amount of hormone, then it results in HGH deficiency. HGH deficiency slows down the growth of the body muscles and reduces bone density.

Human growth hormone deficiency is found both in children as well as in adults. GH is very much required for the normal growth in children. In adults, it would be essentially needed to control the proper volume of muscles, body fat and bone. In the case of GH deficiency, one can also be affected emotionally such as lack of motivation and tiredness.

The main cause of the Human growth hormone deficiency is low and abnormal production of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. In children, the result of GHD is their abnormal bone growth and improper muscle development. If there is the deficiency of growth hormones in a child, it will not be reflected in the first few months of his life, but in the later years, especially when the body is actually developing.

HGH Deficiency Symptoms

Some common symptoms of HGH Deficiency are immature face, poor growth and abnormal structure. In Adults, GHD is reflected as low energy, reduced bone density and weak muscles. Sometime obesity is also caused by this kind of deficiency.

In children, short height structure, poor growth, increased fat around the waistline, look younger comparatively with the other children of same age, tooth delayed are few of the HGH deficiency symptoms.

In adults, decreased strength, low energy, weak muscles condition, emotionally decay as bad social behavior, depression, weight gain especially around the waist, dry and rough skin.

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HGH Deficiency Diagnosis

There are several ways to diagnose the Human growth hormone deficiency. By monitoring the pattern of the Physical growth of the child, the pediatrician can determine the HGH deficiency in case of children. Also, in special cases, if required doctors can refer to all the reports of mother's pregnancy, her labor conditions and delivery, then it’s easy to detect.

Medical Test for the presence of IGF-1 in the body can also help the doctors to determine the HGH deficiency. This test can be done for both, the children and adults.

Another, way to determine the deficiency is the scan of the pituitary gland to find out any abnormalities.

HGH Deficiency Treatment

Self homely care - Taking a balanced diet, a good sleep and a sufficient regular exercise will help to reduce the deficiency.

Medications- Growth Hormone therapy is where the doctors prescribe growth hormone named as somatropin to the patients. The main course of the treatment is to increase the growth of children, improves energy level, body structure and metabolism.

Surgery- In case the pituitary tumors are identified as the cause of the HGH deficiency and it requires a surgery.

Radiation therapy- In Cases the surgery of the tumor is not safe and thus, the other available option is the radiation therapy of the pituitary gland.

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