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What are the Effects of Human Growth Hormones

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Hormones in our body secreted by the glands like endocrine and pituitary help to stimulate numerous functions of human body. Human growth hormones are known to be the largest in our body.

They are abundantly found in the pituitary gland which controls the growth rate of human being. Effects of human growth hormones need to be studied properly as they hold great importance for growing children and adults as well. 

Human growth hormone is present in every human body but at times there are cases when it is either found in excess amount or in some cases it is deficit. Your child is constantly growing with age be it organ, brain or any body part. 

One feels fortunate when they find the growth of the child to be normal, but it is reverse when the growth rate is slow or has stopped. According to lot of research and studies, it has been confirmed that growth hormones are high during childhood and teenage group. 

One needs to study effects of human growth hormone in order to know the real importance of its presence in human body. Many a times, parents do not realize that the growth of a child is not happening the way it has to. 

Effects of human growth hormones can give you complete idea of all the functions and activities these hormones do. They control the skin, the nails, fats, muscles, metabolism and the list can go on with many more. 

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Since the growth hormone is lot related to protein binding, bones and muscles growth highly depend on growth hormones. The effects of human growth hormones are high on brain functioning as well.

The repair system of our body including cells and tissues largely depends on human growth hormones. Other effects of human growth hormone include enzyme production, sexual functions, and tissue growth. 

Are you aware that the integrity of your nails and hair are one of the effects of human growth hormone? With imbalance in growth hormones these organs are highly affected and cause poor development. Our body also consists of an immunity system which fights all diseases and external factors to maintain good health. 

It is your own immunity system who takes an initiative to fight out from harmful micro-organisms. When things get worse, then it comes out and you need doctor’s assistance. Your immunity system is also dependant on the effect of human growth hormones. 

Your body is susceptible to disorders like heart attacks, cancer, hair loss or memory loss. Problems like arthritis, kidney stones, obesity, high blood pressures levels and increased stress create lot of trouble and discomfort. Due to effect of human growth hormones, these dreadful diseases are protected and the body is safe guarded. 

Effect of human growth hormone has lot to do with skin as it gets lose with age. Also the thickness increases and your skin look ugly. People nowadays want to look good and feel younger for a long time.

There are supplements available in the market which can enhance your energy levels and make you look 10- 20 years younger than your age. Your doctor could advise better as they know in and out of your body. Consult an expert or medicine specialist before going for any growth hormone supplements. 

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